Article Published on Education for Social Responsibility

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:11 PM by Catherine A. Honeyman   [ updated Dec 23, 2013, 11:17 PM ]

The International Journal of Educational Development has published an article based on Ishya Director Dr. Catherine Honeyman's research on education for social responsibility in Honduras, titled: "Social responsibility and community development: Lessons from the Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial in Honduras".

This article extends understanding of the connections between education, social capital, and development, through a mixed-methods case study of the Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial, or SAT, an innovative secondary-level education system. The quantitative dimension of the research used survey measures of social responsibility to compare 93 SAT students to 88 other students in conventional Honduran schools, with samples based on the naturally occurring (non-random) presence of one of these two different educational programs in each of nine nearby Honduran communities. Preliminary findings suggest that students in the SAT program held a greater sense of social responsibility than their peers in conventional schools. Students’ statements about their own educational experiences were analyzed in order to identify some of the characteristics of the SAT program that may have led to this difference. The SAT approach to developing social responsibility is contrasted to a human rights focused approach.