Ishya Consulting to Present on Early Literacy Promotion in Rwanda

posted Jun 12, 2014, 1:32 AM by Catherine A. Honeyman   [ updated Apr 10, 2015, 6:56 AM ]
Based on a study conducted for Save the Children-Rwanda, Ishya Consulting will offer a presentation entitled Early Literacy Promotion in Rwanda: Opportunities and Obstacles on June 25, 2014 at the Kigali Public Library conference room. 40 representatives of international and national development organizations are planning to attend.

Rwanda has achieved remarkable progress in expanding access to schooling, but there are still significant challenges to address—including the question of how to ensure that all children learn to read. A recent study found that only 32% of Primary 4 students had attained minimum reading fluency for their grade level.[1] Reading comprehension is also a problem, with 40% of Primary 4 students unable to correctly answer questions about simple texts.[2]

How can Rwandan institutions and development partners support continued progress in the area of early literacy? In 2013, Save the Children initiated a programme called Advancing the Right to Read, which addresses these challenges by providing a continuum of services for children aged 0-9 focused on supporting learning and early grade literacy in particular. The programme tests, implements and advocates for interventions that work across the 0-9 age range in homes, in communities, and in schools. Save the Children’s efforts to promote children’s learning are complemented and enhanced by the work of a number of other institutions and organisations on related issues throughout the country.

To help support this important work, Save the Children engaged Ishya Consulting to conduct a study of the policy and institutional context surrounding the promotion of early literacy in Rwanda, from birth to age nine. Save the Children invites Education Development Partners to a presentation reflecting on Rwanda’s strengths in this area, and on the gaps and weaknesses that may need to be addressed for further achievements in early literacy to be made.

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