Why Prosperity? 

Ishya, or "prosperity" is not just about material wealth; it implies an abiding sense of well-being.

For Ishya Consulting, the concept of prosperity implies a condition in which human potentialities can be developed to their fullest, including one's intellectual powers, physical and technical skills, the capacity to act ethically, the ability to connect and collaborate with others, and the conviction that each one has something of worth to contribute to this world.

Ishya Consulting was founded with the objective of supporting efforts to bring about prosperity for all. Many of the principles that help inform Ishya's work are reflected in the statement The Prosperity of Humankind, a portion of which is excerpted here:

"Throughout the world, immense intellectual and spiritual energies are seeking expression, energies whose gathering pressure is in direct proportion to the frustrations of recent decades.... These rising impulses for change must be seized upon and channeled into overcoming the remaining barriers that block realization of the age-old dream of global peace. The effort of will required for such a task cannot be summoned up merely by appeals for action against the countless ills afflicting society. It must be galvanized by a vision of human prosperity in the fullest sense of the term -- an awakening to the possibilities of the spiritual and material well-being now brought within grasp. Its beneficiaries must be all of the planet's inhabitants, without distinction..."