Ishya Consulting as a Social Enterprise

At Ishya Consulting, we believe that socially responsible businesses are important partners for community development.
We strive to incorporate principles of social responsibility in every aspect of our work, from the kinds of projects we take on, to our treatment of research participants, through to our collaborations with clients and employees. If you have a suggestion for how to improve social responsibility at Ishya, please let us know.
Supporting Family Life

Ishya Consulting believes in supporting a healthy and holistic family life, in which working parents are able to spend time with their children when they need to. For this reason, within the bounds of what is feasible for maintaining high-quality work, Ishya Consulting gives employees and contractors flexibility to organize their own schedule around their family needs.

Supporting School Enrollment

Ishya Consulting supports vulnerable students in the local public schools where Ishya operates in Rwanda and the United States. While both of these countries have fee-free basic education systems, there are still costs associated with schooling, including the purchase of school uniforms (in Rwanda), school meals, and learning materials. Each year, Ishya Consulting sets aside a small fund for contributions to one or more schools, in cash or in kind.