About Ishya

Ishya Consulting Ltd. is a consulting firm registered in Rwanda and the United States. Our services focus particularly on the domains of education and youth livelihoods, including the auxiliary areas of policy, research, and evaluation.

Ishya Consulting supports governmental and non-governmental organizations in Rwanda and the surrounding region in their efforts to promote human prosperity in the fullest sense of the term. In our consulting practice, we are committed to placing a balanced emphasis on the intellectual, material and ethical aspects of both individual and social well-being. In Kinyarwanda, the word "ishya" (pronounced EEE-shya) means prosperity - for more about what this means to us, click here.

This website offers more detail on Ishya's specialized areas of consulting services, fee structures, and the perspective on human prosperity that underlies our work. To contact Ishya about collaborations, use the contact link on the menu, or write to honeyman@ishya-consulting.com.